(1)  Museo Nacional de China. "El Camino del Rejuvenecimiento"                                                                                (2) Desfile de Celebración del 1ro de Mayo, 1953. 

Multiple Ways to Democracy in Contemporary China

 *Artículo publicado originalmente en International Critical Thought. Disponible en:  Full article: Multiple Ways to Democracy in Contemporary China (tandfonline.com) ABSTRACT Chinese democracy is discussed here from the perspective of intercultural dialog and the need for a global conversation and cultural understandings to build a new democratic global political order. Democracy in China is a controversial issue. But democracy is today problematic and full of paradoxes and contradictions everywhere. We indeed face a paradoxical situation: Western liberal democracy can no longer be considered the unique and universal model of democracy, yet we cannot surrender to a relativistic perspective on democracy. In this article, I first deal with some presuppositions and questions that constitute the “common sense” about Chinese politics: Is Chinese political culture compatible with democracy? Does democracy exist in China? Is talking about democracy in China a Western imposition? Even more: I